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Professional China Air Separation System Supplier

DEAR Air Separation Industry Co., Limited is among the prominent suppliers of air separation system in China. We have sold hundreds of large and small air separation devices to our valued customers. Our offerings include
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DEAR offers a wide range of air separation systems. We cover each aspect of the production needs of industrial gases. The industries are our air separation unit of a small, medium, and large capacity for petrochemical, chemical, oil processing, energy production, metallurgical, glass industries, and electronics manufacturing. We also serve industrial gases dealers.
DEAR uses only high-quality and durable materials used in the production of gas processing devices. We heavily rely on renowned and leading vendors for sourcing of best raw materials.


What is Air Separation System?

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Air separation system supplier

The air separation system comes is designed in a manner that it can hold top installation preparedness. Its Modular design has an allowance for a plug-and-play connection. This gives us an inexpensive and shorter installation situation and maintains a desired level of Quality Assurance (QA) via maintaining the effect of the less-controlled installation ambiance to the minimum.
All our equipment supplied goes through rigorous quality testing at customers’ facilities. We make sure the trial is entirely compliant with the standards and corporate norms of the client’s country. Also, our clients themselves witness the testing processes. We also offer detailed after-sales support and this includes commissioning, start-up, installation, and training for operators along with service.

Quality air separation system

We always conform to the quality standards outlined by ASME, ISO 9001: 2000. We also have the go-ahead of conformity to operating the air separation system issued by Chinese state authorities. Our air separation systems are fixed with a control system that relies on programmed controllers.
We keep our manufacturing standards high. Each of our workers acts with a high level of integrity. Also, our goal is to offer our customers the top products. We have a forward-thinking mindset, while care for customers’ success and innovation, which allows us to be the industry leader as a quality air separation system supplier.
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