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If you don’t want to get confused as to which air separation unit supplier is the best for your business, then look no further. DEAR Air Separation Industry Co., Limited is the one-stop shop for you.
We are among the top manufacturers of air separating systems. Apart from large air separating unit, we offer the following products:
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Air separation case
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 Case of DEAR air separation and Shandong Hujing Company Case of DEAR air separation and Shandong Hujing Company
DEAR air separation signed the contract with Shandong Hujing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.. The set of air separation plant was successfully started at first time, all indexes exceeded the design indexes, and the working condition was stable. Process character
  Case of DEAR air separation and Chuangui Gas Company Case of DEAR air separation and Chuangui Gas Company
DEAR air separation signed the KDON(Ar)-7500/15000/230 air separation plant contract with Chuangui Gas Co., Ltd. . Process characteristics of the project: multistage distillation, hydrogen free argon production. At present, the plant runs stably.
  Case of DEAR air separation and Jiujiang Branch of Sinopec Case of DEAR air separation and Jiujiang Branch of Sinopec
KDN-2000 air separation plant signed by DEAR air separation and Jiujiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd has the process characteristics: single-stage distillation and high-purity nitrogen.
Relying on automated production technology to build intelligent upgrades of enterprises to help customers achieve rapid growth.
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DEAR Air Separation Industry Co., Ltd. has produced more than 300 sets of large and medium-sized air separation equipment for customers worldwide. The DEAR Industrial Park with an investment of 228 million yuan covers an area of 10 hectares. It has more than 300 employees and more than 30% of them are core technical staff. The team has a group of highly sophisticated technical R & D talents such as American doctors and masters. At the same time, during the company’s 7-year operation of the gas investment industry, it has also trained a number of high-level R & D and management teams, and has reserved a group of experienced project managers and other relevant personnel.
What is the proportion of total cold loss of DEAR air separation unit to run-off cold loss and incomplete heat exchange loss respectively?
The coordinates of DEAR air separation equipment with which two state parameters are arbitrary mainly depend on how to use them conveniently. The coordinates of
How does the DEAR air separation unit extract krypton and xenon from the air?
The DEAR air separation unit closes the purge valve, analysis valve, upper and lower valves of level gauge and heating valve of lower tower system. Open the upp
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We focus on maintaining a passion for our work, a positive attitude, and getting familiar with the latest technological advancement to satisfy each dimension of our client’s requirements.
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We want our premium service and care to be the fundamental reasons for ensuring customer satisfaction and brand commitment. We pay special attention to maintaining work ethics and provide our customers with market competitive prices.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is your quality assurance of air separating unit?

    We are an ISO: 9001 certified company and we ensure quality through our quality assurance department

  • Where are you Based?

    Our manufacturing facility is based in Henan Province, China

  • How do you offer customer support?

    We have our 24/7 customer support service through our website.